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Scientific career


Academic education
     University of Freiburg: Studied physics, mathematics and philosophy
     State University St. Petersburg
     Visiting scholar, University of California, Berkeley (Department of Philosophy)
     University of Freiburg: Graduate studies in philosophy

Academic degrees
    Vordiplom (physics; minors: mathematics and chemistry), Freiburg, July 1993
    Zwischenprüfung (philosophy), Freiburg, February 1994
    Diplom (M.Sc.) in physics (minor: mathematics), Freiburg, July 1997, mit Auszeichnung (highest honours)
    Dr. phil. (philosophy; minors: mathematics and physics), Freiburg, June 2001, summa cum laude
    Habilitation (philosophy), Bonn, June 2008

Long-term research periods abroad after PhD
     Philosophy Department, University of Pittsburgh
     Wolfson College, University of Oxford (Feodor Lynen-Scholar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)
     Further research periods at the University of Pittsburgh

Employment history
     since 2013
     University of Konstanz: Professor (W3) (full professor), Theoretical Philosophy
     Utrecht University: Universitair hoofddocent (reader / associate professor), Theoretical Philosophy
     Utrecht University: Universitair docent (lecturer / assistant professor), Theoretical Philosophy
     University of Bonn: Wissenschaftlicher Assistent (C1), Institut für Philosophie, Lehr- und Forschungsbereich III (Logik und Grundlagenforschung)
     University of Freiburg: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (PostDoc), Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling 
Cooperation with neurologists at the medical school of the University of Freiburg in a BMBF project on diagnosis and therapy monitoring of stroke
     Lehrbeauftragter teaching regular courses in philosophy, University of Freiburg
     various jobs as a student: tutorships in philosophy and mathematics, and several years at the neurophysiological group in the DFG-Sonderforschungsbereich Modulation und Lernvorgänge in Neuronensystemen
     Zivildienst (alternative service) at a psychiatric clinic, Privatklinik Bad Gleisweiler
     Abitur, Staatliches Max Slevogt-Gymnasium, Landau i.d. Pfalz

Organization of events (selection)
    ESF Workshop on Branching Space-Times, Kraków, October 2005  
    PhiMSAMP-1, Towards a new epistemology of mathematics, Berlin, September 2006 (in connection with GAP.6)  
    PMP 2007 (Perspectives on Mathematical Practice), Brüssel, March 2007  
    PhiMSAMP-2, Empirical methods for philosophy of mathematics, Utrecht, October 2007  
    PhiMSAMP-3, Is mathematics special?, Wien, May 2008  
    FotFS VII (Foundations of the Formal Sciences VII): Bringing together philosophy and sociology of science, Brussels, October 2008  
    PhiMSAMP-4, October 2008
    PhiMSAMP-5, Hatfield, July 2009
    ESF Workshop on formal methods in philosophy of science, Zeist, October 2009  
    PhiMSAMP-6: Final workshop of the DFG project, including book presentation, Utrecht, April 2010  
    WIRP-1 (kick-off Workshop VIDI project), Utrecht, April 2011  
    Symposium “Can we really Lewis the laws of nature?”, October 2011, Athens, at the conference of the European Association for the Philosophy of Science, together with my Ph.D. student J. Mulder  
    International conference: Mathematics as Culture and Practice II, Greifswald, December 2011  
    Kick-off Workshop ERC, 12/13 January 2012, Utrecht
    Workshop with contributors of the book Nuel Belnap’s work on indeterminism and free agency, 15/16 June 2012
    WIRP-2 (Workshop VIDI project): Logical and Philosophical Aspects of Real Possibility, 21/22 September 2012, Konstanz (in connection with GAP.8)
    Cultures of Mathematics and Logic, Guangzhou, 9–12 November 2012
    ERC Project Workshop, 28 February–2 March 2013
In Bonn I hosted the Alexander von Humboldt scholar Bart Van Kerkhove (project on the role of computer proofs for the philosophy of mathematics), 2006–2007.
Together with prof. Stephan Hartmann I was co-team leader of Team A: Formal Methods, ESF Research Network Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective (2008–2012).  

Invited talks (selection)
    International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, August 2005
    International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, August 2008
    International Workshop on Persistence, Indexicality and Temporality, Dresden, December 2008
    International Conference in honor of Nuel Belnap (Nuelfest), Pittsburgh, April 2009
    International Workshop on Practical Knowledge, Basel, July 2009
    International Conference Practice-based Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Amsterdam, September 2009
    International Workshop on Mathematics as Practice and Culture, ZiF, Bielefeld, May 2010
    International Workshop on Branching Time and Uncertainty, Bristol, August 2010
    International Workshop on Causes and Tenses: Formal Perspectives, Kraków, September 2010
    International Conference on Temporal Existence and Persistence in Spacetime, Bonn, February 2011
    Symposium on free will, Ghent, February 2012
    International workshop on counterfactuals, Bristol, August 2012
    Colloquium Logicum of the DVMLG, Paderborn, September 2012
    Philosophy of science Colloquium, Bern, May 2013
    LOGOS colloquium, Barcelona, June 2013
    LSE Workshop on Free Will, London, June 2013
    Workshop Logic and philosophy of time, Padova, October 2013
    Workshop on metaphysics in science, Ghent, February 2014
    Philosophical colloquium, Bielefeld, February 2014
    Summerschool Philosophy of Physics, Saig, July 2014

    Stimuleringssubsidie (talent grant by the college van bestuur of Utrecht University), 2009
    First Prize of The Society of Junior Scholars of the Jagiellonian University (TAUJ), for the paper "‘Against a Minimalist Reading of Bell’s Theorem"’ (jointly with T. Placek, Kraków), 2001
    U.S Dept. of Energy High School Honors Program, Fermilab, Batavia, IL, 1987
    Second prize, Open Competition on Programming (programming olympiad), Sofia, 1987
    Bundessieger (national champion), Bundeswettbewerb Informatik (German national computer science championship), München, 1986

Board memberships

Advisory committee, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities

Scientific committee, Logic and Philosophy of Mathematical Practices (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


Refereeing (selection)

Australasian Journal of Philosophy; British Journal for the Philosophy of Science; Dialectica; Economics and Philosophy; Erkenntnis; Journal for General Philosophy of Science; Journal of Applied Logic; Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logic; Journal of Logic, Language and Information; Journal of Philosophical Logic; Kairos; Logic and Logical Philosophy; Logique et Analyse; Mind and Matter; Philosophia Naturalis; Philosophical Psychology; Philosophical Quarterly; Philosophical Studies; Philosophiegeschichte und logische Analyse; Philosophy of Science; Review of Symbolic Logic; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; Studia Logica; Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics; Synthese; Theoria; Theory & Psychology.

Scientific agencies:
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany), DAAD (Germany), DFG (Germany), ESF (European), FRIAS (Germany), FWO (Flemish, Belgium), NCN (Poland).

Institution Responsibility
Fachbereichsrat Philosophie Head of Department (FB-Sprecher#Vorsitz#2)
Kommission Verantwortung in der Forschung Professor (Prot. Senat v. 26.07.17##2) (01.10.2017 – 30.09.2019)
Studienkommission für die Studiengänge des Fachbereichs Philosophie Professor (Wahl SR am 04.07.18##4) (01.10.2018 – 30.09.2019)
Kuratorium für die Vergabe des Preises der Stadt Konstanz Professor (Prot. Rektorat v. 26.07.17##2) (01.10.2017 – 30.09.2019)
Kuratorium für die Vergabe des Preises des Landkreises Konstanz Professor (Prot. Rektorat v.26.07.17##2) (01.10.2017 – 30.09.2019)
Ständiger Prüfungsausschuss für alle philosophischen Studiengänge Professor (Best. StuKo v. 29.10.14#Vertr. v. Nr. 1#2) (01.10.2016 – 30.09.2018)
Fachbereichssprecher/Fachbereichssprecherinnen Head of Department (Beschluss FB-Rat v. 06.06.18##2) (01.10.2018 – 30.09.2019)
Sektionsrat der Geisteswissenschaftlichen Sektion Professor (Wahl am 03./04.06.2014##4) (01.10.2014 – 30.09.2019)
Department of Philosophy Professor
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Research interests

Areas of specialization
Metaphysics, action theory, philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, logic

Areas of competence
History of analytic philosophy, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language