Dialectal, acquisitional, and diachronic data and investigations on subject pronouns in Gallo-romance

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  Zimmermann, Michael (2016): The status of subject pronouns in Modern Standard French revisited Romance languages and linguistic theory : selected papers from 'Going Romance' 28, Lisbon / Carrilho, Ernestina et al. (Hrsg.). - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Benjamins, 2016. - (Romance languages and linguistic theory ; 10). - S. 305-324. - ISBN 978-90-272-0390-8

The status of subject pronouns in Modern Standard French revisited

This paper readdresses the long-standing debate on the morpho-syntactic status of subject pronouns in the contemporary formal variety of French by reinvestigating this issue along with those of the number of their paradigms and the null subject property. On the basis of the discussion of proposals challenging what has emerged as the received view on these issues, the paper essentially argues that a structural differentiation of prosodically weak subject pronouns as a function of their occurrence regarding the finite verb is unwarranted. From this and various other evidence which underpin the fundamental plausibility of the received view the paper concludes that Modern Standard French has two paradigms of prosodically strong and, respectively, phonologically clitic subject pronouns and represents a non null subject language.

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