Lineare und nichtlineare hyperbolische Probleme


Es werden die lokale und globale Existenz von Lösungen sowie die Asymptotik von Lösungen linearer oder nichtlinearer hyperbolischer
Gleichungen untersucht.

We investigate the local resp. global existente of solutions and the asymptotic behavior of solutions to linear or nonlinear hyperbolic equations.

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  Lesky, Peter H.; Racke, Reinhard (2001): Nonlinear wave equations in infinite waveguides

Nonlinear wave equations in infinite waveguides

We present sharp decay rates as time tends to infinity for solutions to linear Klein-Gordon and wave equations in domains with infinite boundaries like infinite waveguides, as well as the global well-posedness and the asymptotics for small data for the solutions to the associated nonlinear initial-boundary value problems.

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