Dr. Alexander Holupirek

Portrait Alexander Holupirek
Contact information
Email: alexander.holupirek@uni-konstanz.de
Post office box: Box 188
Room: PZ 814
Homepage: http://www.informatik.uni-konstanz.de/~holupire
Fax: +49 07531 88-3577
Secretary: Barbara Lüthke (PZ 805, -4430)
Office Hours:

Flexibel (Bitte per e-mail vorher abstimmen).

Institution Responsibility
Database & Information Systems Group Scientific staff
Previous courses
Title Type Number
Bachelor-Projekt Datenbanktechnologie project INF-10235-20171
Master's Project Database Technology project INF-11030-20171
Publication list
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Research interests

Merging Database and Operating System Concepts

Doctoral thesis
Declarative Access to Filesystem Data - New application domains for XML database management systems Marc H. Scholl
Marcel Waldvogel