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PD Dr. Aswin Mangerich

Institution Funktion
Fachkommission Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Sektion (LGFG) Wiss. Mitarbeiter (Prot. SR v. 21.12.16##2) (21.12.2016 – 30.09.2018)
FB Biologie Privatdozent
FB Biologie Wiss. Mitarbeiter

A plethora of DNA damage products are induced by exogenous and endogenous sources in a mammalian cell every day. Most of them are efficiently repaired to ensure genomic integrity, but if persistent, these damage products can cause mutations and genomic instability, potentially leading to cellular transformation or cell death. Current research projects analyze genome maintenance and associated mechanisms on a molecular level in order to understand how these mechanisms contribute to health and disease conditions, such as carcinogenesis and aging.  Working at the interface of biology, chemistry and toxicology, current studies focus on the following topics:


  • Molecular mechanisms of genetic toxicology
  • Regulation of protein function by the post-translational modification poly(ADP-ribose)
  • Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in DNA repair, inflammation, aging, and carcinogenesis
  • Biology and chemistry of inflammation as a cause of cancer and aging
  • Technological and bioanalytical advancements

 Methodological specialities:


  • Quantitative and functional assays for the analysis of DNA damage, DNA repair, and poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in cells and tissues
  • Quantitative mass spectrometry of nucleic acids, i.e., DNA, RNA, and poly(ADP-ribose)
  • Biochemistry of proteins involved in cellular DNA damage response
  • Genotoxicity studies
  • Mouse models of inflammation, aging, and cancer development

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang


Since 2016: Principal Investigator (Privatdozent) at University of Konstanz, Dept. of Biology

Since 2016: DGPT-certified Toxicologist (Fachtoxikologe DGPT) / European Registered Toxicologist (ERT)

12/2015: Habilitation in Toxicology and Biochemistry

2011-2015: Scientist and Lecturer (Habilitand) at University of Konstanz in the group of Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle (Molecular Toxicology)

2011-2015: Research Affiliate and Visiting Scientist at MIT, Cambridge, USA, in the group of Prof. Dr. P. C. Dedon (Dept. of Biological Engineering)

2012: Teaching Certificate (Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat) of the Center for University Teaching (Hochschuldidaktikzentrum) Baden-Württemberg

2010-2011: Postdoc at MIT, Cambridge, USA, in the group of Prof. Dr. P. C. Dedon (Dept. of Biological Engineering)

2008-2010: Postdoc at University of Konstanz in the group of Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle (Molecular Toxicology)

2005-2008: Doctoral studies (Dr. rer. nat., summa cum laude) at University of Konstanz in the group of Prof. Dr. A. Bürkle

2004-2005: Diploma thesis at Altana Pharma AG (supervisors: Prof. Dr. K.P. Schäfer and Dr. I. Mühldorfer)

2004: Research internship at the Institute of Ageing and Health, Newcastle University, UK

2002: Research internship at Dept. of Biotechnology, Altana Pharma AG, Konstanz, D

1999-2005: Studies of Biology (diploma) and Chemistry (intermediate diploma) at University of Konstanz


Awards and Fellowships:

2013: Merck Young Scientist Toxicology Award

2013: Mentoring scholarship of the Zukunftskolleg Konstanz,

2010: Research fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

2006-2008: Fellowship of the DFG-funded International Research Training Group Konstanz-Zürich 1331

2005-2008: Doctoral scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation

2003-2005: Study scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation

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