HR Lab und Interaction Lab


The Media Room (HR Lab) provides a research environment for the design, development, and evaluation of novel interaction techniques and input devices as well as a simulation facility for future collaborative work environments. Therefore, it offers different input (e.g. multi-touch, laserpointer, hand-gestures, body tracking, eye-gaze, speech) and output devices (tabletop, HD-Wall & vertical-aligned displays, 4K display, audio & tactile feedback) which can be used simultaneously and in combination, creating a new dimension of multi-modal interaction. The Interaction Lab provides lab facilities for physical prototyping, sketching and video editing in research and education at the Human-Computer Interaction Group of the University of Konstanz. Students and researchers develop new input and output devices or illustrate novel interaction techniques. The lab provides tools for electrical and mechanical engineering as well as workstations for video editing and interactive design.

  • FB Informatik und Informationswissenschaft
  • AG Reiterer (Human-Computer Interaction)
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Exzellenzinitiative Drittmittel Forschungsförderprogramm 402/10
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Laufzeit: 15.01.2010 – 31.10.2012