Toxic and other bioactive Peptides in Cyanobacteria


The central aim of the project is to improve cyanotoxin risk assessment and risk management.pObjectives for providing the scientific base for this aim include:pI. elucidation of the regulation of cyanopeptide production, in direct dependence of environmental factors, for the development of molecular toolsbr II. understanding cyanopeptide toxicity (pathway of exposure, toxicokinetics and dynamics and underlying mechanisms) in order identify the most relevant cyanopeptidesbr III. development of rapid qualitative and quantitative detection methodes for an integrated hazard identification, risk assessment and management approachpObjectives for improving risk assessment and risk management include:br IV. identification of key factors leading to potential exposure scenariosbr V. development of decision trees in conjunction with appropriate standard operating procedures for hazard identification and monitoring (at EU, WHO and national levels)br VI. dissemination of information identifying potential hazards to end-users and the general public

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Laufzeit: 01.02.2003 – 31.01.2006