SFB 767 - TP A03 ”Control of vibrational modes and dissipation of nanomechanical resonators"


The origin of dissipation in nanomechanical systems is so far not well understood. On the other hand, structures showing low damping are required for high-sensitivity sensors or to test fundamental questions related to quantum mechanics of macroscopic objects. The goal of this project is to establish a better understanding and finally to control dissipation in nanomechanical systems. Through combination of electrical measurements and a recently developed optical method we will identify the eigenfrequencies, the damping, and modal shapes of nanomechanical resonators.

  • FB Physik
  • AG Scheer (Experimentalphysik mit SP Nanoelektronik)
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SFB Drittmittel Forschungsförderprogramm 513/08
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Laufzeit: 01.01.2008 – 31.12.2011