TP C6: Functions of reggie-1 and -2, constituents of plasma membrane raft/ microdomains, and analysis of their interaction with the GPI-anchored proteins PrPc and Dpl


Reggie-1 und -2 are constituents of non-caveolar plasma membrane (PM) microdomains /lipid rafts in neurons, lymphocytes and many other cell types. They are evolutionarily highly conserved from fly, fish to man, and exist even in bacteria. We previously demonstrated the selective association of the activated GPI-anchored proteins Thy-1 and F3 with fyn in reggie rafts, and more recently that of PrPc with reggie. This association elicits Jurkat cell activation, endocytosis of PrPc and reggie and joined intracellular transport. Here, we intend to analyze the roles of reggie in conjunction with PrPc in PM-based signal transduction, endocytosis and intracellular pathways. Mutant reggie proteins with defects in proper targeting to PM subdomains and with potential effects on PrPc assembly, signalling and endocytosis will be used. They will be visualized directly via GFP-labeling, or using our reggie specific and PrPc antibodies by electron and confocal laser scanning microscopy. A second approach to reveal potential new PrPc (and Dpl) functions will be the use of the morpholino technique to knock-down PrPc (and Dpl) in zebrafish embryos, based on our recent identification of a fish PrPc homolog. Finally, through the expression of reggie in bacteria we will obtain sufficient protein for structure analysis.

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