An Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) Nano has been established to promote the young scientists (Diploma and doctoral researchers) working in the SFB. The IRTG is organized along the profile of research of the SFB and has the primary goal to ensure a profound scientific education of the students participating in the projects of the SFB. Besides the daily education taking place in the research groups, the IRTG will allow for a significantly broader education by providing symposia and workshops in a wider context than that of a single research group. A second goal is to offer an education in transferable skills, including e. g. scientific presentations, project management, language courses, or intellectual property issues.

  • AG Scheer (Experimentalphysik mit SP Nanoelektronik)
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SFB Drittmittel Forschungsförderprogramm 540/08
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Laufzeit: 01.01.2008 – 31.12.2019