p- Ultrafast spectroscopy in solid state systemspObjectives: understand ultrafast photophysical processes in materials of technological impact. In particular we plan to study layered and 2D materials including graphene, topological insulators and high temperature superconductors. In addition, we will investigate the plasmonic properties of heavily doped Germanium with application in integrated sensing.pMethods: we generate ultrashort pulses in a broad range of spectral frequencies in order to access the excitation in different materials. Optical parametric amplifiers will be made in-house and combined in a multi-color pump-probe system driven by an Yb laser. This system provides exceptional performances to investigate ultrafast dynamics in systems characterized by thickness down to the single atomic layer.pPerspectives: Ultrafast studies in these materials will allow understanding the fundamental electronic interactions occurring in which dimensionality becomes crucial. This aspect is critical for future applications of novel materials in optoelectronic devices. The activity on plasmonics in Germanium has a natural application in sensing of biomolecules. It is particularly promising since Ge technology can integrate in a single chip detection and elaboration of the data.

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Laufzeit: 01.11.2017 – 31.12.2018