• AG Reiterer (Human-Computer Interaction)
    Gerken, Jens; Dierdorf, Stefan; Schmid, Patric; Sautner, Alexandra; Reiterer, Harald (2010): Pocket Bee : a multi-modal diary for field research Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Extending Boundaries - NordiCHI '10. New York, New York, USA: ACM Press, 2010, pp. 651-654. ISBN 978-1-60558-934-3. Available under: doi: 10.1145/1868914.1868996

Pocket Bee : a multi-modal diary for field research


In this paper we present Pocket Bee, a multi-modal diary tool that allows researchers to remotely collect rich and in-depth data in the field. Based on the Android smart phone platform, we especially focused on an easy to use user interface. We introduce the notion of core questions that serve as cognitive triggers for pre-defined events. Multiple modalities allow participants to compose notes in the most appropriate and convenient way. Instant network synchronization allows researchers to view and analyze the data on-the-fly while also being able to create new tasks or questionnaires during an ongoing study. These can also be linked to certain trigger events, such as time and date. Thereby, Pocket Bee supports diary and Experience Sampling (ESM) studies. The system was developed in a user-centered design process and its potential value is described in a scenario of use illustrating an upcoming study.

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