TP B5: 3D-architecutre of the multi-ligand receptor RAGE including its functional complexes, and structural analysis of TOXIC PROTEINS involved in neurodegenerative diseases


This research project will concentrate on the 3D-architecture of the receptor RAGE and its functional complexes with several types of proteins. RAGE is primarily involved not as a causative or initiating factor for diseases such as Alzheimer disease but more likely as a mediator. In a second part, the 3D-structure of TOXIC PROTEINS (preferentially Alzheimer's/APP/Aß and prions/PrPSc, and related fragments and synthetic peptides) and metal-induced structural changes will be investigated. Both X-ray crystallography and spectroscopic methods will be applied with metal ions serving as intrinsic structural probes.

  • FB Biologie
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SFB579/03SFB-TR 11
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Laufzeit: 01.07.2003 – 30.06.2007