Eine Theorie des wertenden und induktiven Gehalts von Begriffen


We pursue evaluative and inductive concept content into complementary and philosophically unexplored domains. 1. A study is to be made of exclamation. We hypothesize that this act's function, co-explanatory of exclamatives' form, is to communicate inductive and evaluative attitude by ostensibly non-evidential empathy. 2. We propose to extend Ramsey's notion of concept theoreticity in defining a new genre of inductive-evaluative 'Report-Theories' and demonstrating its use by examining dynamics of texts to which high stakes attach. 'Mind-set', 'surprise', 'discourse relation' will be among the explicanda of the two philosophical studies.

  • FB Philosophie
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Laufzeit: 01.01.2006 – 31.12.2008