Development and evaluation of mineralized silk based composites for orthopaedic applications


Abstract: Strategic Objectives:

1. To generate a novel, mineralized, silk-based biomaterial with mechanical and biochemical characteristics that make it suited to application in bone graft replacements.
2. To combine this generic material in a novel osteoinductive, regenerated silk-based matrix to create an entirely innovative bone scaffold material. The matrix will be designed to reinforce the mechanical properties of the generic material created in strategic objective 1 and encourage nucleation of mineralisation and ingress of endogenous cells through incorporation of osteoinductive factors and proprietary microporous design. The resulting scaffold will constitute the first osteoinductive, load bearing bone graft material.
3. To develop know-how in non-foetal, mesenchymal stem cell technology for incorporation of tissue engineered cells in the bone scaffold generated in objective 2.

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