Industrially Scalable High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells


Abstract: The project aims to develop an innovative, cost effective industrial fabrication process of high efficiency, multi-crystalline silicon (mc-SI) solar cells, and therefore it addresses the most diffused PV technology, which is foreseen to be largely employed for at least the next ten years. At the same time, it allows a gain in experience in the industrialisation of new technologies.

The main goal of the project, conversion efficiency of up to 17% on 10X10 cm cells, will be reached through a step by step approach, The credibility of this approach lies on get-together many different strong expertises, developed in the mainframe of previous EU projects, in an environment of industrial scalability.

The project expectations also concern a cost reduction of the whole fabrication process, in that labour intensive steps are largely avoided and most processing steps are low thermal budget, a allowing less stress on wafers, and lower usage of electricity.

  • Peter, Christian - Projektleiter
  • FB Physik
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Laufzeit: 01.01.2003 – 31.12.2005