Kolloide: Interessante Bauteile für Photonische Kristalle


Abstract: Synthese, Bildungsmechanismus, Charakterisierung und Kristallisation von Hochindex-Partikeln

Photonic crystals are materials patterned with a periodic variation of the refractive index creating a range of forbidden optical frequencies called a photonic band gap. A photonic band gap modifies fundamentally the propagation and emission processes of light. Based upon these effects novel integrated-photonic materials can be designed, opening various new areas of applications. Photonic crystals, composed of colloidal high index spheres with mono- and bimodal sphere size, should be synthesized. For that purpose in a first step the synthesis of monodisperse high index particles are developed and optimized. To achieve a good monodispersity investigations of the formation process are necessary. In a next step the particles will be exactly characterized, because the refractive index strongly depends on the structure and the composition on the particles. In a last step the colloidal particles are crystallized to novel colloidal crystals either by self-organization or by layer-by-layer method. Finally, the similar high index particles will be used in strongly disordered samples to search for the onset light localization.

  • Eiden, Stefanie - Projektleiterin
  • FB Physik
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Laufzeit: 01.04.2003 – 31.03.2005