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Titel Institution Startdatum Enddatum
RNA interference and "in cellulo" reconstitution assays as tools to uncover the cellular functions of the ubiquitin-protein ligase E6-AP FB Biologie
13.03.2008 12.03.2011
Conformity checking of measures of Member States FB Rechtswissenschaft
11.03.2008 31.12.2009
CONSENSUS: Confronting social and environmental sustainability with economic pressure: balancing Trade-offs by Policy Dismantling? FB Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft
01.03.2008 01.03.2011
Identifizierung und Struktur/Funktionsanalyse FB Chemie
29.02.2008 28.02.2011
Forschergruppe 751 The Science of Social Stress/Teilprojekt B04: "Neural network architecture under conditions" FB Psychologie
21.02.2008 31.12.2012
Forschergruppe 751: The Science of Social Stress/Teilprojekt B05 (Social stress, allostatic load and psychopathology FB Psychologie
21.02.2008 31.12.2012
Psychosocial Stress and Memory Control FB Psychologie
FG The Science of Social Stress
20.02.2008 03.12.2011
Teilprojekt A01: "Reacting to the Unpleasant" FB Psychologie
20.02.2008 19.02.2009
Teilprojekt B01: "The influence of social stress on the T Cell Respronse to viral infection" FB Biologie
20.02.2008 19.02.2009
Teilprojekt B06: "Change of neural network indicators through narrative treatment of PTSD" FB Psychologie
20.02.2008 19.02.2009