apl. Prof. Dr. Elisa May

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Elisa May

Phone: +49 07531 88-4054
Email: elisa.may@uni-konstanz.de
Post office box: 604
Homepage: https://www.biologie.uni-konstanz.de/bioimaging-center/
AG May (Bioimaging Center)
  • Room
  • Secretary:
    • Christina Hipper-Meier
    • Carolin Bottling, Room L933
Previous courses
Title Type
ImageJ Workshop Vorlesung/Praktikum
Photoshop Workshop Vorlesung/Praktikum
BioImaging Center (Seminar for Master and PhD students: May lab) Seminar
Mechanisms of Nuclear Stress Responses Betreuung wiss. Arbeiten
Bioimaging 0 Vorlesung/Praktikum
Bioimaging Kurs
Bioimaging 1 (Raumplanung) Seminar
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