SciKon is a platform at the University of Konstanz which enables users to search the latest research projects, scientific collaborators and publications. Internal cross-references also serve to make the contexts, partnerships and cross-disciplinary research projects visible. With its interdisciplinary objectives, the system provides a further resource at the University of Konstanz with which the scientific achievements and performance of researchers and reviewers can be made transparent and so provide a useful service for all interested parties, whether internal or external.

The university's own in-house fields, as well as Germany-wide measures and contacts in and with the international community, have long turned the professional pooling and interlinking of scientific competences into a regular part of the everyday work which the SciKon platform can make visible and transparent for users. This includes using the SciKon software to keep students at the University of Konstanz and interested undergraduates informed about the latest research topics and the extensive cross-disciplinary internal networking measures at the university.

The search engine SciKon enables users to look for individual scientists or to enter key words to find individual and networked research projects and publications. The platform can then facilitate access to the most comprehensive everyday research practice at the University of Konstanz. In so doing, SciKon draws on data from the university's own internal Personal and Project Databases „Lehre-Studium-Forschung- LSF“ resp. ZEuS (central enrolment and student portal) and the Publications Database „KOPS  Konstanzer Online-Publikationssystem“ and then interlinks and sorts this information for the search engine to ensure that the results are as up to date as possible.

The SciKon software was developed at the University of Konstanz by the Service Network Communication – Information – Media (KIM).

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