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Most current publications

Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration" Power and Identity (2020)
Barget, Monika

Neumann, Michael

Wolff, Wanja; Thürmer, J. Lukas; Stadler, Kim-Marie; Schüler, Julia

Eckmann, Reiner; Engesser, Brigitte

Lang, Carina P.; Merkt, Nikolaus; Geilfus, Christoph-Martin; Graeff–Hönninger, Simone; Simon, Judy; Rennenberg, Heinz; Zörb, Christian

Auspurg, Katrin; Schneck, Andreas; Hinz, Thomas

Armgardt, Matthias

Law Sciences The Legal Philosophy of Leibniz (2019)
Armgardt, Matthias; Sartor, Giovanni

Law Sciences Zur aequitas bei Hugo Grotius (2019)
Armgardt, Matthias

Law Sciences Zur aequitas bei Melanchthon (2019)
Armgardt, Matthias

Tirschmann, Felix