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Most current publications

Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration" Power and Identity (2020)
Barget, Monika

Armgardt, matthias

Law Sciences The Legal Philosophy of Leibniz (2019)
Armgardt, Matthias; Sartor, Giovanni

Law Sciences Zur aequitas bei Hugo Grotius (2019)
Armgardt, Matthias

Law Sciences Zur aequitas bei Melanchthon (2019)
Armgardt, Matthias

Armgardt, Matthias

Debbeler, Luka Johanna; Gamp, Martina; Blumenschein, Michael; Keim, Daniel A.; Renner, Britta

van Kleunen, Mark; Bossdorf, Oliver; Dawson, Wayne

Zubel, Tabea; Bürkle, Alexander; Mangerich, Aswin

Thelen, Marcus; Legler, Daniel F.

Roch, Samuel; von Ammon, Lukas; Geist, Jürgen; Brinker, Alexander