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Most current publications

Armgardt, Matthias

Neumann, Michael

Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration"Power and Identity(2020)
Barget, Monika

Bayer, Josef; Freitag, Constantin

Politics and Public AdministrationNeo-corporatism and the responsiveness of democracy
Busemeyer, Marius R.

Möhrke, Philipp; Runge, Bernd-Uwe

Neumann, Catherine; Baesler, Jessica; Steffen, Gereon; Nicolai, Merle Marie; Zubel, Tabea; Aschner, Michael; Bürkle, Alexander; Mangerich, Aswin; Schwerdtle, Tanja; Bornhorst, Julia

Schlegel, Udo; Jentner, Wolfgang; Buchmüller, Juri; Cakmak, Eren; Castiglia, Giuliano; Canepa, Renzo; Petralli, Simone; Oneto, Luca; Keim, Daniel A.; Anguita, Davide

SociologyEthnisieren als Praxis(2020)
Girke, Felix

Girke, Felix

Rempe, Martin