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Most current publications

Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration" Power and Identity (2020)
Barget, Monika

Neumann, Michael

Kosanic, Aleksandra; Kavcic, Iva; van Kleunen, Mark; Harrison, Stephan

Magron, Victor; El Din, Mohab Safey; Schweighofer, Markus

Alseidi, Rola; Margaliot, Michael; Garloff, Jürgen

Madhuri, Shvaita; Río Bártulos, Carolina; Serif, Manuel; Lepetit, Bernard; Kroth, Peter G.

Computer Science and Information Science A note on the triangle inequality for the Jaccard distance (2019)
Kosub, Sven

Bobrowski, Adam; Kunze, Markus

Dörken, Veit M.; Rudall, Paula J.

Computer Science and Information Science Language theoretic properties of regular DAG languages (2019)
Blum, Johannes; Drewes, Frank

De Juan, Alexander; Koos, Carlo