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This directory records all the scientific staff registered in the university's internal Database "Teaching-Studies-Research." You can find individual names by means of an alphabetical list or, alternatively, use the search mask the enter a name or institution directly.

Most current publications

Politics and Public Administration Party animals, career changers and other pathways into parliament (2018)
Ohmura, Tamaki; Bailer, Stefanie; Meißner, Peter; Selb, Peter

Philosophy Kants tierethisches Argument (2018)
Basaglia, Federica

Chattopadhyay, Robi

Youssef, Ramy

Wern, Roland

Kuhlmann, Salma

Vogel, Juliane

Politics and Public Administration Punctuated Equilibrium Theory (2018)
Beyer, Daniela; Breunig, Christian; Radojevic, Marco

Randerath, Jennifer; Finkel, Lisa; Shigaki, Cheryl; Burris, Joe; Nanda, Ashish; Hwang, Peter; Frey, Scott H.

Mathematics and Statistics Involutions and stable subalgebras (2018)
Becher, Karim Johannes; Grenier-Boley, Nicolas; Tignol, Jean-Pierre

Hoffmann, Klaus; Ross, Thomas; Mielke, Reinhard; Kluttig, Tilman; Fontao, Maria Isabel