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Most current publications

Armgardt, Matthias

Beran, Jan; Näscher, Jeremy; Farquharson, Franziska; Kustermann, Max; Kabitz, Hans-Joachim; Walterspacher, Stephan

Schaaf, Ingo

Langer, Marcel F.; Goeßmann, Alex; Rupp, Matthias

Schaller, Sebastian; Böttcher, Michael E.; Buechi, Marius W.; Epp, Laura S.; Fabbri, Stefano C.; Gribenski, Natacha; Harms, Ulrich; Krastel, Sebastian; Liebezeit, Alina; Schleheck, David

Findeisen, Stefanie; Wild, Steffen

Galos, Diana Roxana

Cluster of Excellence "Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour" Role of cohesion in the flow of active particles through bottlenecks
Knippenberg, Timo; Lüders, Anton; Lozano, Celia; Nielaba, Peter; Bechinger, Clemens

Jöst, Prisca; Lust, Ellen

Guenduez, Ali Asker; Mergel, Ines