Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heinz

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Die Staatsanwaltschaft - Selektions- und Sanktionsinstanz Project leader 01.01.1994 – 31.12.2010
Towards a multiple indicator system for crime structure and crime trends in Germany Project leader 01.01.1994 – 31.12.2010
Chronological development of probation service in the Federal States of the Federal Republic of Germany Project leader 01.01.1993 – 31.12.2010
White collar criminality Project leader 01.01.1993 – 31.12.2010
Juvenile delinquency and social control Project leader 01.01.1992 – 31.12.2010
Development of sanctioning practice in Germany from 1882 up to now Project leader 01.01.1992 – 31.12.2010
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