The contribution of local, regional and transnational actors to democratization and post-conflict peacebuilding


The first subarea of the project aims at the elaboration of a framework to evaluate the performance of regional security organizations in order to be able to conduct a comparative analysis of (changes in) their policy programs, operational activities and information activities. In its second subarea, the project deals with institutionalized mechanisms of dealing with the past after dictatorship and civil war. It will be comparatively assessed which effects these mechanisms have on peacebuilding in divided societies and on the process of democratization. Additionally, it will be scrutinized how local and transnational non-governmental organizations and international organizations interact in order to foster the implementation of human rights standards.

  • Department of Politics and Public Administration
Funding sources
Name Finanzierungstyp Kategorie Project no.
Exzellenzinitiative third-party funds research funding program 425/10
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Period: 01.11.2009 – 31.12.2010