The Role of Emotion in Scientific Decision-Making


In recent years, a growing body of literature in the philosophy of emotion has challenged the prevailing assumption that emotion and rationality must necessarily conflict with one another. Indeed, emotion is now& recognised as a central theme in contemporary philosophy of mind. Yet philosophers of science have been slow in responding to these developments. This project thus seeks to equip sociologists, historians and philosophers of science with much needed conceptual tools for the integration of emotion into their analyses of scientific knowledge production. The core research objective is to deliver an empirically and theoretically robust, positive answer to the question of whether the emotional aspects of scientific decision-making can be plausibly modelled in fundamentally intersubjective terms. Such research has the potential to shed new and important light on the processes of scientific cognition and practice. For this reason, it could also prove valuable for scholars working in the areas of science education and policy.

  • Kochan, Jeff - Project leader
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Exzellenzinitiative third-party funds research funding program 605/10
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Period: 01.09.2010 – 28.02.2012