Beihilfe zur Einrichtung einer InnoLecture-Gastdozentur zur Innovation in der Lehre


Der Stifterverband der Wissenschaft has awarded the concept of the integrated lecture "Molecular Electronics - An Introduction to Theory and Experiment" with an Innolecture Award. The course addresses graduate students of physics or molecular materials science and consists of lectures, exercises, theory projects and a laboratory course in the field of molecular electronics. The project comprises a guest professorship for Prof. Juan Carlos Cuevas from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in appreciation of his excellent teaching skills and innovative didactic concepts and achievements as university professor. Prof. Dr. Cuevas will teach the theoretical part of the mentioned course in the winter term 2011/2012. The experimental part is taught by Prof. Elke Scheer and by Dr. Artur Erbe from Helmholtz-Center Dresden Rossendorf.

  • Department of Physics
  • WG Scheer (Experimentalphysik mit SP Nanoelektronik)
Funding sources
Name Finanzierungstyp Kategorie Project no.
Stiftungen third-party funds research funding program 669/11
Further information
Period: 01.06.2011 – 31.07.2012