RECOBIA - REduction of COgnitive BIAses


The aim of the RECOBIA project is to improve the quality of intelligence analysis by reducing the negative impact
of cognitive biases upon intelligence analysis.
To this end, we will make an assessment of cognitive biases and assess how these biases affect the practice of
Building on this initial assessment, best practices to reduce the negative impact of cognitive biases will be
defined. Solutions are likely to be found in the following domains:
- Software tools
- Training of analysts
- organization.
In order to focus research and development on the needs and requirements of professional analysts, their
involvement will be facilitated through the organisation of a series of workshops. During those workshops
the end-users will be able to express their needs and requirements. On the other hand, the researchers and
developers of the consortium will be able to receive input and guidence in order to identify or develop appropriate
solutions. The EUROSINT FORUM,a pan-European not- for-profit association, which is a network with over 400
intelligence professionals working in agencies and administrations across the Member States and EU institutions,
will be in charge of this task. End-users include, inter alia, staff from Poland, France, UK, Romania, Lithuania,
Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, and EU institutions such as FRONTEX, EDA, SITCEN, SATCEN, etc. The
network has been notified of the RECOBIA project and many end-user organizations have expressed strong
interest to participate if the project will receive funding.

  • AG Keim (Data Analysis and Visualization)
Funding sources
Name Project no. Description Period
Europäische Union849/11
Further information
Period: 01.02.2012 – 31.01.2015