Thermisch aktivierte Skyrmionen: von der individuellen zur kollektiven Dynamik

  • WG Nowak (Theoretische Physik mit SP Moderne Materialeigenschaften)
    Dohi, Takaaki; Weißenhofer, Markus; Kerber, Nico; Kammerbauer, Fabian; Ge, Yuqing; Raab, Klaus; Zázvorka, Jakub; Syskaki, Maria-Andromachi; Nowak, Ulrich; Kläui, Mathias (2023): Enhanced thermally-activated skyrmion diffusion with tunable effective gyrotropic force Nature Communications. Springer. 2023, 14(1), 5424. eISSN 2041-1723. Available under: doi: 10.1038/s41467-023-40720-0

Enhanced thermally-activated skyrmion diffusion with tunable effective gyrotropic force


Magnetic skyrmions, topologically-stabilized spin textures that emerge in magnetic systems, have garnered considerable interest due to a variety of electromagnetic responses that are governed by the topology. The topology that creates a microscopic gyrotropic force also causes detrimental effects, such as the skyrmion Hall effect, which is a well-studied phenomenon highlighting the influence of topology on the deterministic dynamics and drift motion. Furthermore, the gyrotropic force is anticipated to have a substantial impact on stochastic diffusive motion; however, the predicted repercussions have yet to be demonstrated, even qualitatively. Here we demonstrate enhanced thermally-activated diffusive motion of skyrmions in a specifically designed synthetic antiferromagnet. Suppressing the effective gyrotropic force by tuning the angular momentum compensation leads to a more than 10 times enhanced diffusion coefficient compared to that of ferromagnetic skyrmions. Consequently, our findings not only demonstrate the gyro-force dependence of the diffusion coefficient but also enable ultimately energy-efficient unconventional stochastic computing.

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