Ontogenetischer Habitatwechsel der Trüsche (Lota lota L.), the profundal migration


Burbot (Lota lota L.), the only truly freshwater species of the Gadidae in the northern hemisphere, inhabits several habitats during its ontogeny. In lake populations, burbot larvae are typically pelagic while the juveniles stay predominantly in the littoral zone, In contrast, adult burbot are often described as cold stenothermal, profundal dwellers and prefer hypolimnetic habitats year-round, including for spawning. In this project, we test, if the profundal migration in juvenile burbot is related to a lower final temperature preference of adult burbot compared to the juvenile littoral dwellers, to a too high and therefore probably lethal water temperatures in the littoral zone during summer or due to missing interstitial shelter devices in the littoral zone for the large adult burbot.

  • Fischer, Philipp - Project leader
  • Department of Biology
Funding sources
Name Finanzierungstyp Kategorie Project no.
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft third-party funds research funding program 617/98c
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Period: 01.07.2001 – 30.06.2004