The impact of Respite on Psychological Health and Performance in Israel and Germany


This research examines of the impact of respites such as weekends and vacations on phsychological health and job performance. The specific objectives of our research are: First, to examine whether respites are more effective after highly stressful situations. Second, to investigate the importance of "fit" between individuals preferences for specific respite experiences and their actually pursued activities. Third, to examine the effect of spouse s respite experience on the partner s recovery process. Fourth, to examine the factors that help in prolonging the positive effects of respites. <br>
Teh research program is comprised of three empirical studies with individuals in highly stressful jobs. All three studies will be conducted both in Israel and Germany and will comprise mutliple measurements that allow monitoring the recovery process in detail.<br>
Our studies extend previous respite research by addressing pre-respite strain, fit, positive crossover, and factors affecting vacation fade-out. Based on recent developments it is expected that the findings will advance our understanding of how individuals can recover from stressful work. In addition, our studies are unique in incorporting a cross-cultural perspective into respite research. As a whole, our studies will help individuals and organizations to decide about the most beneficial ways to design respites.

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Period: 01.01.2007 – 31.12.2008