Towards 20 Percent mc-Si Industrial Solar Cell Efficiency


Abstract: This is a project to develop a low-cost industrial process for super high-efficiency multicrystalline silicon (mc-Si) cells and modules. This project will result in an efficiency of 20 % for an 4cm2 mc-Si cell, 19 % for a 156cm2mc-Si cell and 18 % for a full size 36 cell module. The peak power of that module will be 101 Watt. A road map will be made to realise cost effective 20% mc-Si PV modules on an industrial scale. To reach these goals the consortium will develop processes for 1) manufacturing high-quality cast ingots, 2) slicing high-quality thin mc-Si wafers, 3) manufacturing super high-efficiency mc-Si solar cells and 4) fabrication PV modules with novel designs and using advanced techniques. This project will strongly contribute to the White Paper targets (3 GWp installed in 2010,<2.5 Euro/Wp, 3 Mtn/yr CO2 reduction) and will increase Europe´s competitive position considerably. The results of this project will reduce the energy-pay-back time of mc-Si based PV systems to 2-3 years.

  • Fath, Peter - Project head
  • FB Physik
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Europäische Union
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Period: 01.12.2002 – 30.11.2005