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Title Institution Start date End date
CAP 07: Integrated Optomechanical Devices FB Physik
01.08.2013 31.08.2017
Solar cells with passivated rear side emitter using APCVD of doped dielectric layers (PARADIES) AG Hahn (Photovoltaik)
01.07.2013 30.06.2016
Workshop: Controlled charge and heat transport FB Physik
01.07.2013 31.12.2014
High efficiency solar cells from defect reduced n-type mc silicon (CONDOR) AG Hahn (Photovoltaik)
01.07.2013 30.06.2014
Characterisation of Solarcells AG Hahn (Photovoltaik)
14.06.2013 31.12.2013
Material-Characterization and Cell-Process-Development for Solarforce RST Silicon Ribbon Material AG Hahn (Photovoltaik)
15.03.2013 14.03.2016
Ultrafast quantum transport in nanosystems controlled via phaselocked single cycles of light "UltraQuEsT" FB Physik
01.03.2013 28.02.2017
Narrowband Terahertz FB Physik
01.03.2013 31.12.2013
Optische Spin-flip Emission in magnetischen Punktkontakten FB Physik
15.02.2013 14.02.2016
2D Gläser FB Physik
01.01.2013 31.12.2013