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Title Institution Start date End date
Zukunftskolleg Geschäftsstelle/Direktor FB Biologie
01.11.2012 31.10.2017
Ribosomal signalling and specificity in cotranslational protein processing and folding FB Biologie
01.11.2012 31.10.2015
Effects of nanomolar heavy metal concentrations on water plants - comparison of biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of deficiency and sublethal toxicity under environmentally relevant conditions FB Biologie
01.11.2012 31.01.2014
Chemische Ökologie von Actinomyceten - Koordination und Induktion des Sekundärmetabolismus FB Biologie
19.10.2012 18.10.2013
Comparative genomics of parallel in repeated adaptive radiations (GenAdap) FB Biologie
01.10.2012 30.09.2017
Sofja Kovalevskaja-Preis: The Web as a Curse or Blessing? Ethnic Mobilization in the Information Age FB Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft
01.10.2012 30.09.2017
IBIAL - Integrative Biology of insects affecting human life FB Biologie
01.10.2012 30.09.2016
FOR "Psychoeconomics" TP 02 Time is Money FB Psychologie
01.10.2012 30.09.2015
FOR "Psychoeconomics" TP 03 The Self-Regulation of Decision-Relevant Modes of Thought FB Psychologie
01.10.2012 30.09.2015
FOR "Psychoeconomics" TP 04 Processing Social Preferences FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften
01.10.2012 30.09.2015