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TOPKOM "Neue optische Komponenten für den THz Frequenzbereich" FB Physik
01.01.2006 31.12.2010
Oscillatory shearing of colloidal glasses and gels AG Fuchs (Theoretische Physik mit SP Weiche kondensierte Materie)
01.07.2005 29.06.2013
Computer simulations and experiments on Colloidal Crystals and their elastic constants, including effects of boundaries and external AG Nielaba (Theoretische Physik mit Schwerpunkt Statistische Physik)
01.07.2005 30.06.2009
Influence of external light fields on lane formation in binary colloidal mixtures FB Physik
01.07.2005 30.06.2009
Properties of anisotropic colloidal crystals in 2D FB Physik
01.07.2005 30.06.2009
NANOcrystalline Silicon Film for PHOTOvoltaic and optoelectronic application AG Hahn (Photovoltaik)
01.06.2005 30.11.2008
Acoustic observation of the spatial and temporal distribution of zooplankton in Lake Constance: The driving mechanisms and ecological consequences of patchiness FB Physik
01.06.2005 31.05.2008
Nanocrystalline silicon films for Photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications FB Physik
01.06.2005 31.05.2008
Time-resolved investigations of non-classical phonon states FB Physik
01.03.2005 29.02.2008
Cooperation Thermography AG Hahn (Photovoltaik)
01.02.2005 30.01.2010