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Title Institution Start date End date
Modification of DNA towards high conductance and transport measurements with controllable electrodes FB Chemie
01.07.2006 22.05.2010
Das Chromatinarchitekturprotein DEK in der nukleären Apoptose FB Biologie
01.07.2006 30.06.2009
The phonological fine structure of the mental lexicon: electrophysiologic evidence from speech sound perception FB Linguistik
01.07.2006 30.06.2009
Die Intergration von Ebenen hierarchischer Reize mit ihren Inhalten und damit einhergehenden Hirnasymmetrien FB Psychologie
01.07.2006 30.06.2008
Fabrication of well-defined nanoscale electrodes for stable and reproducible contacts to small molecular ensembles FB Physik
01.07.2006 30.06.2008
Single Shot Measurements of Current-induced Domain Wall Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructures FB Physik
01.07.2006 30.06.2008
The fabrication of nanoscale molecular junctions usually suffers from poorly defined metal-molecule contacts. This leads to results which vary over broad ranges even if nominally no external parameter in the systemj has been changed. Based on such experim FB Chemie
01.07.2006 30.06.2008
Entwicklung eines therapeutischen HPV-wirksamen heterologen Prime-Boost DNA-Vakzine FB Biologie
01.07.2006 30.06.2007
inteHRDis - Interaktionstechniken für hochauflösende Displays AG Reiterer (Human-Computer Interaction)
01.06.2006 31.12.2011
Kooperationsprojekt 1 FB Physik
01.06.2006 31.05.2009