How Pressure Affects Decision Making


My research aims at investigating the effects of pressure on decision making. Individuals constantly face situation in which they have to make risky decisions. In some cases, people make decisions on behalf of others, sometimes people do not have much time to make decision, and sometimes both scenarios apply. In different experiments and using real-world data, I investigate these situations.  In one project, the focus lies on individual decision making, i.e., decision situations in which the agent's decision exclusively affects her own outcome but not that of others. In an experiment, time pressure is induced by making time costly (Time Is Money). Structural estimation is used to determine risk aversion and choice deviation from Expected Utility Theory. Further, an evidence accumulation model is applied.  In another project, the focus lies on the difference between making decisions for oneself and for another person. If there are differences, where do they stem from? In order to answer this question, affective and controlled decision strategies are induced. Additionally, eye-tracking technology is used to gain more information on the decision process. 

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